Maid, Wolf, Servant of Syvilia Clan

A beautiful and cool girl, she have black-purple hair and purple-eyes. She can alters her appearance of clothing to suit different roles and carry out her duties.

Gentiana is the one of protagonists in grand archives. She is part of a group of maid who served Charlotte Sylvilia in her mansion.

Gentiana is the member of the "Negen van juwelen" the guardian maid squad of the Grand Archives, which are the Servant of Syvilia clan. Her position is the Jewel of three, She currently serve and protect young Miss charlotte (The present master of grand archive) as a personal maid.




Kidnapped from her family as a child, tortured in the laboratory and made into assasin. At her 99th mission she failed, and was going to be killed but got saved by someone who give her name Louise khikume.

After being saved, she begin a new life and now working as Vtuber. Enjoying the live she never tried before while sometimes wandering around at night threatening bad people. So be nice and be good, you will be fine.



Griffin, Isekai Knight

Leone Halcon, A knight from ***** kingdom who came from another world (isekai). Her duty as a spy and overseeing the border area, one day when Leone was on an expedition around the kingdom's borders suddenly a blinding light interfered with her vision and instantly Leone had entered another world. Someone she met for the first time said :

"Welcome to Earth, we are short of people so I summon you, join here. After all, you will not survive in this world alone."

Being trapped in a foreign world with no knowledge forced Leone to follow that person's words but Leone didn't like that person. That person turned out to be Manager-san, who turned Leone into a VTuber.